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Calle Comte Tarragona


calle comte tarragona

Discovering Calle Comte walking through the stylish pillars designed by artists in Tarragona

In the upper Part of Tarragona there is a small street called Calle Comte / Carrer De Comte, often called Pilon’s Street. Why is it so popular? It has something really special: 76 colourful pillars brightly painted every year by different artists.

Here you can see the beauty of that street in 2014.


The initiative, at its 8th edition in 2015, was inspired by the Cow Parade, the famous colored cows presented by artists in different cities, that unfortunately were impossible to place in the narrow Comte street. For this reason, they decided to paint the traffic bollards.

Every year during the festival of San Agapito Bis ( apparently an invented Saint ) on the first Saturday of July, the Tarragona Pilon Parade takes place and the pillars get redecorated, all except for the top two voted by the neighbors.

Each stake has a different and unique style, which can vary from Catalan traditions such as Human Towers, the Catalan Flag, or the Barcelona Soccer Team, to the fantasy of the artist, often influenced by kids participation, that led to a couple of pillars representing Angry Birds and the Minions.

Surely these people know how to make the city more colourful!

Comte Large 2

Comte Large

pil480 (3) Comte Human Tower 1


Comte Catalan Tradition Comte Independencia


Comte Santa Tecla Comte Correos


Comte Minion Comte Angry Birds





More pictures at the Facebook page of the Official site of the Association of neighbors and friends Earl Street and Plaza Pallol Tarragona.


Once Upon A Year On Erasmus


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