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Santa Tecla Tarragona



Tarragona’s awesome feast including fireworks, music, giants and traditions

As one of the most popular feast in Catalunya, Santa Tecla is an astonishing feast that brings everybody in the streets of Tarragona for 10 days since 1321, year in which the relic of the arm of the Saint got into the city.


Santa Tecla


In those crowded days,  you simply can not walk through Rambla Nova, or have some tapas in Plaza de la Font. But you can definitely have a drink.

In fact,  the celebration starts with Cercabirra ( meaning look for beer ) created by a group of friends only in 2005, that involves everybody around to have a beer together, walkin, playin music and dancin in the streets.

Peculiar of the feast is also a drink called Mamadeta: lemon slush with Chartreuse liquor, the typical drink of Tarragona coming from France. ( they have a funny say mamada y mamadeta… )

The shows open with the most fascinating thing you can ever see: the famous human towers, or castells. These are 7-8 or even 9-floor towers of people climbing one another untill a kid ( yes, a kid ) reaches the top and says hi with his hand.


While every day there are different stages, concerts, dances and traditions, everybody is waiting for the most important event: the Baixada de l’Aguila. It gathers everybody in front of the cathedral where the simbols of Tgn, including representations of animals and giants, start their downhill in between fireworks: Giants, Mule, Lion, a bottle of Chartreuse, the Hand of Santa Tecla and, of course, the Eagle. The show is spectacular and it’s made even better by the people from the balconies pouring water on top of you.



As a last event, they run the Correfoc,  that means run with fire since they litterally run in the streets holding fireworks, making the night floodlighted, and protecting themselvs only with some scarfs, hats and sunglasses. The night ends with fireworks exploded from the seaside and clearly visible from Balcon del Mediterraneo on Rambla Nova.

I had never seen something like this in my life before.


Santa Tecla



Once Upon A Year On Erasmus

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