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Leaving for Erasmus



Leaving for Erasmus: the day I left Italy for Tarragona, Spain, to start my amazing Erasmus experience abroad

Last year on this day I was leaving for Erasmus.

Expectations are always so high and you are so excited when you are leaving for Erasmus, that in the back of your mind there is always a pesky little point that makes you freak out. Will it be as amazing as everybody has always told me? Will I feel comfortable? Will I have the best time of my life? Will I be able to do the washings and cook without blowing my new house up?!? Yes, you will.

Since you have accomplished the bureaucratic procedure that Erasmus requires – still the worst thing you can have to deal with, except only for having to remove a chewing gum from your hair – you shouldn’t be afraid of your new incoming experience. So don’t be scared, pack your stuff and leave.

This is something that can only widen your mentality. This is something 100% worth it. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience (or twice-in-a-lifetime experience for the luckiest ones).

You won’t miss your family too much, neither your friends. They will say goodbye to you, support you and they will always be there when you will be back.

Surely things won’t be just fair, though. Facing a new life in a new place – for somebody even in a new world – with a new language, a new culture, and new habits might be difficult at the very beginning, especially if you are on your own.

But give it some time, and you will see things getting better day after day.

It will be remarkable.

A friendly welcome

If you are as lucky as I have been, you will already have a friend abroad welcoming you at his place. Like me and my watermelon friend Bollo that welcomed me in Barcelona.

My adventure had just begun.


Once Upon A Year On Erasmus

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onceuponayearonerasmus • August 27, 2015

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