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Erasmus Coordinator Meeting



Erasmus Coordinator meeting: getting unexpected great news on my meeting abroad

The Erasmus Coordinator meeting is a crucial point in a guy’s Erasmus adventure: it is the moment in which your Erasmus experience starts for real.

You are getting it, you’ve got the green light, everything is set.

However, when you are about to leave for Erasmus, both secretaries of your universities are likely to send you dozens of emails a day informing you about every little step you have to take.

Within all the recommendations you receive, there’s one that is particularly important: the date of arrival.

As always, they recommend you to get on place at least one week before the beginning of the lessons, in order to manage your university stuff and face a welcome meeting where you can easily get all the information you need.

Hence, I first got to town in Tarragona on 30th of August, since lessons would have started on 8th of September, as reported on the website of my hosting university. On September 4th, as the welcome meeting ended, I went straight to my Erasmus Coordinator, to deal with what I had to deal with.

After having checked all my exams and papers, everything was just fine. I stood up from the chair and shaked his hand while he kindly let me out, if it was not that..

“See you next week as the classes begin!”  –  I told him

He then looked at me with a pale face and replied…

“No, you are attending the master degree, your classes will start on the 25th of September. Have a good time. Goodbye.”

I left his office a bit speechless, and as the door closed…

Erasmus Coordinator Meeting reaction

I felt like I had just received an unexpected holiday of nearly one month.

And I had this waiting for me.

That, was the beginning of my real Erasmus experience.


Once Upon A Year On Erasmus

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onceuponayearonerasmus • September 4, 2015

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