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Tarragona 360 spectacular landscape view shows the beauty of the ancient Roman city on the Mediterranean Sea from above

This magnificent Tarragona 360 view was created from four different landscape images taken with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The pictures were then merged together and edited with Photoshop to match the points of the various edges.

The shots were taken in a not-unusual sunny day from up high on the rooftop of the Archeological Museum of Tarragona, located in Plaza del Rey, in the upper and older part of the city. The roof has a spectacular view of the coast and the entire city, and also provides a map with all the ancient points of interest. If you are curious, you can spot some of them in this video of the wonders of Tarragona.

The greatest symbol of the city of Tarragona is surely the Cathedral, showed on both sides of the image helping you to understand the whole 360° wheel. To mention some more of them, Miracle Beach is right in the middle of the picture, while the Roman Amphitheatre and the Roman Circus are right in front of it and on the right side of the square.

Click on the picture below to see it in full resolution.

Tarragona 360 Spectacular View

Note: due to the size of the image 7166x1020px (4 MB), it might take some time to be downloaded on your mobile.

Although some parts of the image might be blurry or slightly duplicated since taken with a phone camera, the result is pretty amazing.

We believe this is the best place to enjoy a great Tarragona 360 view, even if the end of the Rambla Nova with its Balco del Mediterrani is pretty amazing too.

Tarragona Enamora!


Once Upon A Year On Erasmus

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    Quina vista molt bonita!

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